Activities in Chilila

Fishing for Bream in Chilila Bay, Zimbabwe


There are more than 40 different varieties of fish that inhabit Lake Kariba. Chillila Cottages is situated near to some of the best fishing areas found anywhere on Lake Kariba. The most popular fish being Tiger fish for a great fight, Tilapia Species (Bream) for great eating and a lot of fun catching them.

Bird watching

For ornithologists the bird life in the Binga area is outstanding. With frequent sightings of the elusive Narina Trogon, and Pels Fishing Owls. There have been a count of around 200 species of birds in the Chilila area alone. Passing the day relaxed in the shade with a pair of binoculars could be what the purpose of life is all about….


African Elephants Chilila, Zimbabwe



Due to Chilila being nestled in the Chilila Bay and nearby to the Masuma River and afternoon skimmer cruise is a must. With most the area being under the National Parks & Forestry Commission, the animal life is abundant. Game viewing from one of the many skimmer boats is a different way to experience the wilderness of Zimbabwe.




Binga Crocodile farm near Chilia, Zimbabwe 4

Crocodile Farm

Also a short distamce away is the small town of Binga, where there is a large Croc farm, giving you the golden opportunity to get up close to these prehisotric beasts. You can watch as they feed, or let the kids hold a baby croc, be careful they can bite.


The Binga Springs

Close to the Croc farm are the hot springs,which is a natural geyser of hot surphur water spraying out of the rock high into the sky. Unusual ! as Lake Kariba is man-made.


The Batonka Museum & Villages

For those who are interested in Culture, the Batonka tribe has its very own musuem documenting their origins, and there tiime in this abundant area. delve even deeper into thier culture by taking a tour of the local Vilalges, where you can see first hand how the native zimabawean cultures live day by day. A far cry away from the Systematic city.


Chilila is quiet and peaceful, its the perfect escape from the busy cities, work, rush, and the pressures of life. Taking some time to reconnect with your mind, and allow the beauty of nature to sink into your spirit again is what make Chilila the a true and real african experience.